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7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the rooms in your home, which make your house special and unique. Kitchens are a place we gather with friends and family and cook our daily meals. Shouldn’t it be a room you are proud of? Here are some signs that it is time to upgrade your space.

Not enough space for your family or company:

Kitchens are the heart of the home, it’s where we spend our time cooking and eating and it’s also a space where we like to entertain our guest. If your kitchen is too small to do any of these then it may be time to update and expand or rearrange. Renovations can be simple or very extensive, but if your space isn’t working then it is probably time to change it up.

Cleaning is a hassle:

Cleaning in itself is already a hassle, if anyone else tells your otherwise run in the opposite direction, because they are crazy. Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a hassle. In today’s kitchen markets there are so many new options for kitchen finishes and appliances that are much easier to clean and keep clean. Don’t spend another minute cleaning the grout on your tile countertop, call a friend, ask to borrow their sledge hammer, and go to town.   

Outdated appliances:

This is an easy one to detect, but a hard one to justify. For most of us as long as your appliance work efficiently and look fine you are probably happy, but what most people don’t see is that simple appliance changes can really update the look, storage and functionality of your kitchen. Appliances that are even so much as ten years old could be considered outdated with how far technology has come.

Lack of counter space:

Counter space is an underrated commodity in homes today. Counterpace is key in any kitchen whether you are using it for prep space, storage space, or somewhere to put the snacks for that party, its all-important. Adding more cabinets to support a counter top may not always be an option, but improving your storage inside the cabinets you have can help give your more space by eliminating the clutter on the countertops. Pullouts and dividers can be installed in any cabinet to help get you organized.    

Stained, scratched or cracked flooring:

The options out there for flooring today seem limitless and you really can’t go wrong with any of them, although I would suggest choosing a surface that compliments the existing finishes in your home. Choose a floor that suits your lifestyle. If you have large pets maybe don’t choose a hardwood and go for a tile or if you can’t stand the cool touch of tile you could opt for an engineered or hybrid flooring that are both durable and functional.  

Not enough light:

We aren’t in the stone ages anymore so please stop cooking in your candle lit dungeon. Lighting can be a cheap and easy fix to making your space feel new and fresh. Dark spaces feel small and gloomy, brightening up your space will make it feel larger and will give you the ability to add a finish to your space that suits your style.

Thinking of selling your home:

If you are thinking of selling your home with a kitchen that belongs in an episode of The Brady Bunch then stop right there. Invest some money into your home whether its new everything of just some simple fixes, it will all pay off for you in the long run. Most home buyers today are looking for something move in ready and are willing to pay a premium for that. By investing some money into your kitchen you could see a greater return on the sale of your home, allowing you to use that equity to invest in your next home.

Make your house a home again by upgrading your outdated kitchen, give yourself the space to entertain again and enjoy those moments with friends and family, give yourself the space to stay clean and organized, and add those finishes that make your space unique and special to your lifestyle. Make your kitchen the room in your house that you can truly be proud of.   


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What Goes With Wood Cabinets?

First and foremost, you can achieve that cupboard look that you have always dreamt about by just acquiring the right kind of timber pairing. Having gained a lot of popularity these days unpainted wood cabinet can either be stained of left naturally and still work wonders for your kitchen.

Additionally, wood cabinets come in a variety of tones for anyone to choose from, hence, becoming challenging and tricky for you to try and incorporate it into your décor. You must not fret yourself over wondering what to match together with your wood cabinet and look at the following tips below:

Granite counters and gray-green glass tiles: For instance, a red birch cabinet adds that warm and elegant feeling to a grayish-green glass tile and granite backlash making it rhyme with any mid-toned wood cabinets. However, if you have dark cabinets, you can go an extra mile by using a walnut wood tone which will look elegant on a marble counter.

Marble counter, wood floors and lighting: Pendant light always goes a long way, especially if you have wood floors and an island bar. A Piece of advice, choose a floor color with a lighter shade than the cabinetry.

Pendant lights: An amethyst pendant light with a shade of purple can match with any tone of wood, this is suitable when you especially want minor changes added to your kitchen décor, it will add great value to it.

Wild card: This allows for you to play around with color, you do not have to hold back. The kitchen might be a traditional place, but whoever said you cannot go to a whole new level. Using teal with red can add a significant impact to a bamboo cabinet.

Soapstone counters and buttery walls: Keep in mind that a buttery wall with a subway backlash goes hand in hand with cherry cabinets. Further, to contrast a Vermont soapstone can be used to make it crisp, nonetheless, a yellow wall color can make lighter oak cabinets look faded. Thus a lighter butter yellow is most suitable.

Marble counters and white subway tile: A marble counter and white subway tiles can complement a chestnut cabinet. Also, mixing a dark grout with a white subway backlash makes your table top more sophisticated and plus it is easy to clean.

Charcoal walls: This is for you if you love dark color, you do not have to worry that darker walls in the kitchen is a little extreme because most kitchens do not have enough wall space for painting, especially for upper cabinets, it will not be overwhelming.

Lime accent wall and Aqua Island: Most preferably you can opt for pecan cabinets because green is hard to get by with it. Also, to be sure of the color to rhyme with your kitchen’s wood accent paint a large board and use it as a reference with your kitchen.

All in all, trying to rhyme a timber accent is not hard; we might say that it is fun because you get to play around with colors until you find the one that you like. To ask for further advice, do not hesitate to contact Premium Cabinets.

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Working Glass into Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Clearly working glass into our cabinetry show that you have nothing to hide, in fact you have some major attractive things to show. First, it creates a focal point. Second, usually found on the upper area of the kitchen for safety purposes, and third, it is inviting and alluring. Who wouldn’t want such beauties installed in their kitchen? Below are ways in which the glass front can be incorporated into your kitchen design:

Glass-front peninsula cabinets: Peninsula divides the kitchen into three parts, for instance the cooking area and another adjacent room. It is practical but without an added something it feels cramped, hence an upper glass-front is the way to go to allow natural light to penetrate through, and give you that homey feeling.

Frameless glass-front cabinets: Further, the typical and traditional type found in most homes is the glass center with wood frames. The frameless glass-front cabinet is only one glass encompassed in the entire cabinet area; they are very sleek, chic and attractive. Finding this design is hard, not offered by a lot of cabinet hardware companies.

Picture-window cabinet: Most suitable when you have a lot of windows in your home, what do you do? You can install a wall cabinet over the window, it is naturally and beautiful, it suits the modern and contemporary style and they have no back panel.

Sliding glass: it shows how the 70s style is back with a force, the sliding doors was common back then. Likewise, old is gold, they usually slide on a recessed track allowing glasses to meet each other as the cross each other back and forth. Some have drilled hardware attached on the surface, while others finger pull item attached to them.

Decorative glass: Also referred to as the seeded glass and very popular these days if you want something away from the norm by having a textured appearance. Other common types include:

  • Frosted glass
  • Etched glass
  • Stained glass
  • Colored glass

You can get it supplied for you or prepare the space in which you want to get it fixed, making work easier for you.

Glass-front base cabinets: You do not have to limit yourself on having glass cabinetry on the upper part of your cabinets, they will also look on the base as well, and if you do not have toddlers then this is for you. It spices up your cabinetry design and the exciting part is that it faces other rooms.

Tall glass-front cabinets: Use to house tall items such as broom, mops and much more, to make what makes it decorative is the installed glass face.

Painted glass-front cabinets: They are frameless and painted on the back side to give it that glossy feeling and mostly done in the factory for a professional finish.

In conclusion, for glass installation you need a pro for it to be perfect, if you need any help finding the right glass-front cabinet for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Tulsa.


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Ways to Mix and Match Cabinet Colors

Having difficulty selecting the perfect color and stain for your cabinet? Using the color wheels there are many ways to achieve certain color effects in your kitchen especially the one added on your cabinets. In addition, some would prefer using one shade while others like to play around with different hues.

Likewise, color is important because it gives your kitchen that designer touch that you have always wanted, to learn how to blend different colors into your cabinets see below:

Use your island as an accent piece

It helps you add more color in your design, it can either be one or two, and it does not matter which style your kitchen is, but it work well with both modern and contemporary design. You do not have to add unnecessary detail, to make it traditional you can add maybe one more color to match with the wall paint and décor. Moreover, you have an endless choice all the way to heaven and back, especially with either white or off-white accents. However, if you do not like white, you can try woodsy tones on the island.

Using three contemporary colors

As mentioned, use the color wheel so as to guide you, instead of two hues try three we see how it goes. They give your kitchen look an alluring appeal, but it also distributes the colors evenly in your space.

White should be your first choice since it goes with almost all neutrals and primary colors, for instance black cabinets used together with orange cabinets.

Bring attention to a single cabinet piece

Consequently, you do not have to focus all your attention to the Kitchen Island, accentuating a single cabinet piece involves adding a splash of color to it. You can focus also focus on the wooden hoods, glass-front cabinets, sinks and much more. It is an odd but interesting way of designing pieces that are less fussy.

For upper and lower cabinets use different colors

Using different colors for both upper and lower cabinets break the monotony of the design; to match you can use a dark color for the base cabinets then either use white or grey shades for the upper cabinets. If you are the daring type you can use bold colors like red, blue and much more, but it mast match with your décor.

Stain or glaze one of your cabinet colors

It can be an antique or a charcoal glaze soften you cabinet’s hue, it is visually perfect especially if it has a rustic finish added to it.

Play around with texture

Some people think that you cannot mix textures and color together, it may be hard to pull off, but if you have an eye with color it is appealing to the eyes.

Think outside the box

Breaking the rules! Use your creativity and do a unique color combination. You can distribute colors in unexpected places making your house look like a jig-saw puzzle piece.

All in all, feel free to contact your nearest Premium Cabinets location.

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Things Home Buyers Really Want in a Kitchen Cabinetry

If you are reading this article then you must be either planning on selling your house or looking for a beautiful home with awesome kitchen cabinetry. Hence, you need to know the most appealing way to prepare or install your cabinetry to attract more and more home buyers. Consequently, the first thing that a buyer looks for in a house is an attractive kitchen design.

It will really be worth it spending your money fixing the kitchen so as to sell your house faster, if you look at the kitchen cabinets, there are four considerations that should be met and they include:

  • Symmetry
  • Color
  • Layout
  • Quality


This is the balance between design elements, it achieves repetition or simplicity, when you are planning to sell your home the key is keeping it simple and alluring. Do not overdo the elegance because what is most likely going to make your house sell is simplicity so as to attract a majority of buyers.

  • The size of the cabinets should be similar all the way, for drawer try to make them large and if you have multiple sets make them proportion to the doors.
  • Do not add more cabinets, especially in varying sizes it will only overwhelm the kitchen.


Some buyers might want an open, bright and airy space, while other would prefer a closed space. For display try using white color, it not only makes your kitchen larger, but also it makes your buyer conceptualize on the final outcome.

  • Play on the safe side and choose white cabinets, if you want to add contrast choose a darker color on your backsplash or bench tops.
  • Also, play around with texture.
  • Avoid dark-colored cabinetry as it will only make your kitchen feel claustrophobic.


Most places prefer an open space as it is likely to attract more buyers; do not forget about multifunctional spaces.

  • Have an open plan kitchen layout
  • Have a kitchen layout
  • Avoid small kitchen as buyers want a place that allows them to move around.


Top quality is all that matters in a kitchen cabinetry, the number of cabinets does not matter. Keep abreast that quality matters over quantity.

  • Select good quality hinges and runners
  • Avoid large fillers and ill-fitted modular.

To save your expenses and overall costs keep the cabinet installations to the minimum, keep it open with light penetrating through naturally.

Note: If you are selling your home you don’t need internal organizers if you only want to sell it, accessorizing may not be bad, but be aware that all the money spent will not come back to you after your property has been sold.

In conclusion, follow the above considerations to have a successful sell, if you have white cabinets you need to get them cleaned as soon as possible what matter most to people is the penetration of natural light into the house. Remember to always contact your nearest Premium Cabinets location for more useful advice.

Austin G
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Pros and Cons of Double Stacked Cabinets

The one question that gets asked most of the time is, does it make sense doubling up your cabinets. Thus, the main purpose of this article is to help you find out about this debatable topic. Let’s start with the basics, double stacked cabinets obviously increase the storage space, present dazzling displays as soon as you open the door and it is perfectly finished. However, the thing is, it does not rhyme with all kitchen styles, hard to access and only add up to your total budget.

That is why we are here, to give you a few rundowns on their pro and con so as to have a better perspective before indulging yourself in any decisions:

PROS: They offer a great storage space

To begin with, double stacked cabinets are not available in every home, and by rule of the thumb they are several inches of space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling. Nonetheless, if you really want additional space for appliances that are not used mostly, then this is definitely for you. Although, it is not really a must you install one of these, especially if you have no idea of what will be placed inside them.

CONS: Hard to access

No doubt, they are so far away, as mention, double stacked cabinets are no one trick pony, you have always wanted an extra space and you got it, but how exactly are you going to access your items. Most preferable maybe a step stool, a ladder or alternatively stand on your counter. What of your safety? Consequently, it may become an inconvenience and insufficient, and also get yourself all the way up with the concern of tumbling down on your back.

PROS: They create decorative display space

Likewise, this will work especially if you have glass front double stacked cabinets, instead of installing open shelving and counter space, which are more prone to attracting dirt. You can show of you silver platter-ware or other more interesting accent in the kitchen area.

CONS: They are expensive

One plus one equals two, the same applies to double stacked cabinet. Further, if you really want one with glass front, expect to cough out lots of money. Cabinets are usually about $5,000 for either a small or medium sized one and if you don’t really need them, what is the point?

PROS: They improve the lighting

Most particularly glass fronts, they create that natural lighting that can work with any décor or dishware equipment that you owe, it also complements the kitchen lighting resulting to a much brighter and interesting cooking space.

CONS: They need more maintenance and upkeep

Used to store equipment that you might not need, nevertheless it can end up being neglected leading to dirt and grease accumulation. Glass front doors are the ones that really need more maintenance, you will have to clean the glass and keep the inner part more organized for a presentable display.

PROS: Gives your kitchen that finished look

Single cabinets cost less, but having a big gap between the uppers and ceiling makes it look unfinished. Henceforth, installing double stacked cabinets is the only solution, plus it is cohesive resulting to an interesting design.

CONS: Make your kitchen feel squeezed

Especially if it is a small kitchen, that is why we mentioned that it doesn’t work well in most kitchen, be careful the feeling might be so uninviting and distasteful.

All in all, if you need more advice on double stacked cabinets and installation, contact us at Premium Cabinets Tulsa.

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Ways to Save Your Cash on Kitchen Cabinets

Chiefly, what determines whether a cupboard is expensive or not is mainly the type of material used, but you do not need to fret over the amount of dough left on either replacing or refacing your cabinet, yet there is some money saving tips to help you achieve a stylish home:

Additionally, some might prefer choosing prefabricated to custom-made cabinets as a mean of saving cash, on the other hand also picking the cheapest but effective wood species could also redeem you from all the trouble of using money excessively. Furthermore, below are some other cash-effective ways on buying cabinets:

  • Compare door styles
    At Premium Cabinets, Tulsa, we offer a variety of door styles for our clients ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. A piece of advice, if you are trying to use your cash sparingly it is best you pick about two or three options and compare the prices. Moreover, raised panels and inset door styles are expensive, whereas Shaker-style doors are less costly.
  • Replace wall cabinets with open shelving
    You do not have to dig in deeper into your pocket for wall cabinets, yet you can substitute it with open shelves. Not only are they high maintenance, but they also save space and cash, which by the books is a good thing.
  • Choose an affordable wood species
    As mentioned, some wood species are expensive, while others are not. Subsequently, the right kind could save you a lot, for instance, the Oakwood is affordable at the same time Hickory wood (an upgrade from Oak) is about $1,000. Moreover, the cabinet manufacturer also determines how costly a timber species might be; therefore it is crucial to do your research on the most affordable species?
  • Use Thermo foil or laminate
    You can always opt for Thermo foil or laminate to an all-plywood construction which is more expensive. In definition, Thermofoil is a fiber board or wood core that has a plastic finish added to it. Likewise, it is durable as well as easy to clean; nonetheless, a laminate material might be cheap, but it is not as strong as wood and more prone to moisture attacks. Before buying a Thermo foil or laminate you need to consider the layering of heat shields near you range, also, an all-plywood sink base or a sink mat to protect it from moisture.
  • Compromise soft-close drawers and full-extension slides
    It might be hard for you to compromise, but looking on the brighter side it saves you from coughing out a lot of cash. You might have some of your concerns like, what if it wears and tears? Under the circumstances, why don’t you try the door pulls instead? Also, they are cheap and help your cabinet to maintain that stylish and sophisticated look.
  • No need for pullouts
    Not to mention, pullouts will just sky-rocket your budget to a whole new level, is it worth it? The first question you should ask yourself, it will always come to whether you want to spend more money or not. Alternatively, if it is a trash bin pullout, you can compromise and place it somewhere else like a pantry or at a corner island.
  • Use fewer drawers and more doors
    The more drawers you use, the higher the amount you are likely to spend, they say that saving money isn’t a lost cause. Why do you try out that maple door style that you have always wanted? Nevertheless, it is important to remember that if you need to budget your overall expenditure use fewer drawers or avoid them at all costs. Finally, saving money isn’t a fool’s errand; in fact, it is the best way to go. For any piece of advice required do not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets, Tulsa, we are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Your Trash Deserves Better!

Unless you’re a fuzzy green puppet living on Sesame Street, there is no reason you should be living with your trash anymore. Some of us are all too familiar with that ugly trash can living in our kitchen. Right out in the open for everyone to see and smell or cluttering up our pantries and closets. There are solutions to this problem. There are a lot of people out there today redesigning their kitchen spaces and they are missing out on some of their minor everyday details, trash being one of them. Let’s say the average person produces 4 pounds of garbage output per a day, which according to the EPA is the national average. That adds up quick depending on the number of persons in your household. When you put it in to that context trash isn’t so much a minor detail of your day anymore and it all has to go somewhere.

Now for the Solution! Dedicate a cabinet in your kitchen to a trash pullout. Integrating a trash unit into your kitchen cabinets is a very functional option to this problem and is a great way to open up more space in your kitchen area. These Units come in a variety of sizes making it easy to integrate your trash and recycling needs right into your kitchen design. Your trash can isn’t doing your kitchen any justice. Getting out of that grouch status is easier than you think and your kitchen design team has the solution.


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How to Get Low Maintenance Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the hardest places to clean, most especially if you have cabinets surrounding you here and there. Back to cleanliness, the cooking area being more prone to dirt, stain, grease and much, how can we sort it out? Lucky you, there are practical ways that will remove the worry wrinkles from your face, and that includes doing with less decorative details, selecting the right color and more that will be mentioned, to help you have maintainable cabinets.

  • Choose a door or drawer style with less details
    The more details the more dirt and grease accumulation on its surface, it is better you choose the shaker and slab door style to raised panel door style, not unless you have all the time in the world to scrub any recess dirt. Comparatively, you can choose a stain or paint that has glaze for a more traditional look; this glaze that we are talking will hide the dirt accumulation from your cabinets.
  • Preferably choosing flush cabinet ends
    The two options for finishing cabinet edges are through flush ends and matching ends, the former is way much better. Flash ends are made of plywood that rhymes with the color of your cabinets; they are smooth and sleek, thus easy to clean.
  • Get rid of the trimmings
    All those design details like crowns, molding, corbel, decorative legs and light rail molding that we all love, are more prone to dirt, most especially the ornate styles. To replicate them you can opt for a colorful cabinet paint, perfect lighting and much more.
  • Staining instead of painting
    Nevertheless, they all show touching prints on the surface, but a stain is way easier to maintain than a painted surface, the reason why it is hard to paint a touch up is:

1- Sometimes it might be hard to find a hue that closely matches a specific paint.

2- Hard to touch up paint, in that it does not word the same way as a stain would.

  • Grain with a dark stain
    Either choose an oak or a hickory, they are both dark and easy to maintain. It is hard to show scratches, prints on the surface as compared to maple wood species. If it has been touched up, you will not even notice.
  • Invest in hardware
    You do not want to be touching the cabinets all the time, why don’t you invest in door pulls and knobs for your all your cabinets, really help in preserving them.
  • Avoid glass door fronts
    It may make your kitchen look beautiful and inviting, but it is hard to maintain since it is more susceptible to dirt, smudges and dust, do not forget to clean the items stored in it too. You can opt for a golden brown cabinet stain as an alternative to glass fronts.
  • Minimize open shelving
    Subsequently, if neglected they store a lot of dirt, thus must be dust and scrubbed all the time to prevent permanent dirt accumulation. Other ways to ease your task is to place décor on surfaces such as countertops and dining tables, and using other alternatives such as good lighting, pillows, chairs and much more, to make your kitchen more appealing.

Feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinet Tulsa, we are always readily available.


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How to Configure Your Kitchen Cabinets for Comfort to Suit Your Design Aesthetics

Depending on the type of material, frame, door style, hardware and much more, you can now have countless decision in either building or renovating your kitchen cabinet face. However, there are still some more details to think about and configuring your kitchen cabinets makes the space comfortable for both you and your family.

Minimize uppers: Although, cabinets might be attractive, but some upper ones might accessible to some while to others not, therefore you should consider replacing them with window, looking on the brighter side, you will have a phenomenal view.

Think shallow: At Premium Cabinets of Tulsa, they do various cabinet installations from top to bottom. By thinking shallow, you can opt for low floor-to- ceiling to wall cabinets, efficient especially where you do not need a window. By rule of the thumb, you can limit the depth by 6 to 9 inches, hence giving you space for your dry goods.

Open shelves: In case you really need a wall-mounted storage system you can always opt for installing a few open shelves. One of its perks is that you can easily locate items without opening or closing cabinet doors. However, if you over-stock it will most likely collect dust from the environment.

Lifting up: To make your work easier try installing horizontal cabinets, they have one door whereby when opened you can see every item required, no need to step out of the way.

Installing drawers: Most preferably, for base cabinets a drawer is suitable because it holds everything needed on the base. Also, it is efficient whereby you do not need to search for anything, yet you can just pull the drawer open and get whatever content you need.

Avoiding corners: Corner cabinets are hectic and awkward to use, a piece of advice, it not a must you have corner cabinet; it prevents a lot of kitchen accidents from happening because of accidents.

Use your corner effectively: This is an alternative on avoiding corners; if you cannot get rid of the corner cabinets installed make them functional and efficient by installing lazy Susans or corner drawers.

Improve your cabinetry: Moreover, items such as door hinges and glides are a cabinet’s must-haves, it might add to your initial cost, but it is worth it. It enables you to shut doors and drawers through one push with no banging.

Consider different countertop heights: The normal kitchen counter is approximately 36 inches taller, nevertheless, there are some tasks that are more comfortable with the counters on a low or high level, or you might be taller or shorter than average.

Having varied countertop height is the only option here; your forearm must be at a close level when using the countertop, for a tall person a height of about 42 inches is required. Ergo, to accommodate any height have differing counter heights in terms of use and tasks performed, beside an added storage can be included under the tall work surface area.

In conclusion, some might have compromise a lot of kitchen styles to make their work easier,

what have you done? Always feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinet, Tulsa.

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