How to Get Low Maintenance Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the hardest places to clean, most especially if you have cabinets surrounding you here and there. Back to cleanliness, the cooking area being more prone to dirt, stain, grease and much, how can we sort it out? Lucky you, there are practical ways that will remove the worry wrinkles from your face, and that includes doing with less decorative details, selecting the right color and more that will be mentioned, to help you have maintainable cabinets.

  • Choose a door or drawer style with less details
    The more details the more dirt and grease accumulation on its surface, it is better you choose the shaker and slab door style to raised panel door style, not unless you have all the time in the world to scrub any recess dirt. Comparatively, you can choose a stain or paint that has glaze for a more traditional look; this glaze that we are talking will hide the dirt accumulation from your cabinets.
  • Preferably choosing flush cabinet ends
    The two options for finishing cabinet edges are through flush ends and matching ends, the former is way much better. Flash ends are made of plywood that rhymes with the color of your cabinets; they are smooth and sleek, thus easy to clean.
  • Get rid of the trimmings
    All those design details like crowns, molding, corbel, decorative legs and light rail molding that we all love, are more prone to dirt, most especially the ornate styles. To replicate them you can opt for a colorful cabinet paint, perfect lighting and much more.
  • Staining instead of painting
    Nevertheless, they all show touching prints on the surface, but a stain is way easier to maintain than a painted surface, the reason why it is hard to paint a touch up is:

1- Sometimes it might be hard to find a hue that closely matches a specific paint.

2- Hard to touch up paint, in that it does not word the same way as a stain would.

  • Grain with a dark stain
    Either choose an oak or a hickory, they are both dark and easy to maintain. It is hard to show scratches, prints on the surface as compared to maple wood species. If it has been touched up, you will not even notice.
  • Invest in hardware
    You do not want to be touching the cabinets all the time, why don’t you invest in door pulls and knobs for your all your cabinets, really help in preserving them.
  • Avoid glass door fronts
    It may make your kitchen look beautiful and inviting, but it is hard to maintain since it is more susceptible to dirt, smudges and dust, do not forget to clean the items stored in it too. You can opt for a golden brown cabinet stain as an alternative to glass fronts.
  • Minimize open shelving
    Subsequently, if neglected they store a lot of dirt, thus must be dust and scrubbed all the time to prevent permanent dirt accumulation. Other ways to ease your task is to place décor on surfaces such as countertops and dining tables, and using other alternatives such as good lighting, pillows, chairs and much more, to make your kitchen more appealing.

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Austin G
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