All of our Premium Cabinets come with the following standard features.

All Wood Construction

A majority of Premium Cabinets products feature all wood construction, including maple, cherry, or oak fronts, and furniture grade birch plywood boxes and shelving. This creates a very durable, reliable product, especially when dealing with water damage. We do have some lower end, value line cabinets that may contain MDF or particle board in the construction, for the extreme budget conscious consumer. We strive to create the best value for the project.

Dovetail Construction

Dovetailing is the traditional (quality way) to construct a drawer. Though, these days many company’s drawers are just screwed or stapled together. Ours are built properly, dovetailed, like high end cabinets or furniture. Dovetailing creates a strong, square, true, long lasting joint. It will also hold more weight.

Soft Close Drawers

Most cabinets come with standard drawers like we have been using our entire lives. These are fine, but now you can have something better. While other places charge you $40 to $100 per drawer (add that up for an entire kitchen) for this feature, we give it to you as a standard feature. With this feature, it doesn’t matter if you slam your drawers or just barely close them, they will close on their own meaning no more banging and slamming

Soft Close Doors (Standard On Most Styles)

Our newest feature is soft close doors to go with your soft close drawers. While they won’t close on their own if you close them a little to softly like the drawers, their will be no more banging or slamming if you choose this feature

Full Extension Drawers

While most companies drawers only extend about 80% of that way, ours extend completely and can hold up to 125 lbs.

Hidden European 6 Way Adjustable Hinges

Our cabinets have no ugly hinges visable. Also, our hinges can simply be adjusted up, down, right, left, in and out in seconds to make your doors line-up perfectly.

Full Overlay Drawers and Doors

Another feature/upgrade that we offer at no additional cost. It simply makes your cabinets/kitchen more attractive.