How to Configure Your Kitchen Cabinets for Comfort to Suit Your Design Aesthetics

Depending on the type of material, frame, door style, hardware and much more, you can now have countless decision in either building or renovating your kitchen cabinet face. However, there are still some more details to think about and configuring your kitchen cabinets makes the space comfortable for both you and your family.

Minimize uppers: Although, cabinets might be attractive, but some upper ones might accessible to some while to others not, therefore you should consider replacing them with window, looking on the brighter side, you will have a phenomenal view.

Think shallow: At Premium Cabinets of Tulsa, they do various cabinet installations from top to bottom. By thinking shallow, you can opt for low floor-to- ceiling to wall cabinets, efficient especially where you do not need a window. By rule of the thumb, you can limit the depth by 6 to 9 inches, hence giving you space for your dry goods.

Open shelves: In case you really need a wall-mounted storage system you can always opt for installing a few open shelves. One of its perks is that you can easily locate items without opening or closing cabinet doors. However, if you over-stock it will most likely collect dust from the environment.

Lifting up: To make your work easier try installing horizontal cabinets, they have one door whereby when opened you can see every item required, no need to step out of the way.

Installing drawers: Most preferably, for base cabinets a drawer is suitable because it holds everything needed on the base. Also, it is efficient whereby you do not need to search for anything, yet you can just pull the drawer open and get whatever content you need.

Avoiding corners: Corner cabinets are hectic and awkward to use, a piece of advice, it not a must you have corner cabinet; it prevents a lot of kitchen accidents from happening because of accidents.

Use your corner effectively: This is an alternative on avoiding corners; if you cannot get rid of the corner cabinets installed make them functional and efficient by installing lazy Susans or corner drawers.

Improve your cabinetry: Moreover, items such as door hinges and glides are a cabinet’s must-haves, it might add to your initial cost, but it is worth it. It enables you to shut doors and drawers through one push with no banging.

Consider different countertop heights: The normal kitchen counter is approximately 36 inches taller, nevertheless, there are some tasks that are more comfortable with the counters on a low or high level, or you might be taller or shorter than average.

Having varied countertop height is the only option here; your forearm must be at a close level when using the countertop, for a tall person a height of about 42 inches is required. Ergo, to accommodate any height have differing counter heights in terms of use and tasks performed, beside an added storage can be included under the tall work surface area.

In conclusion, some might have compromise a lot of kitchen styles to make their work easier,

what have you done? Always feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinet, Tulsa.

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  1. Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith says:

    I’m redoing my kitchen and need to get cabinets. I like the advice you give about avoiding corners as they are awkward to use. Another thing to consider is to get cabinets that are custom made, so that you can be sure they are durable and will look good.

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