How to Associate Yourself with Cabinet Designers and Cabinetmakers

First and foremost, every design process has a starting point; hence picking the right cabinet for your home is not a walk in the park. Additionally, before indulging yourself in anything cabinet-related, there are questions that you might need to ask both your cabinet designer and yourself. Ergo, the purpose of this article is to assist you in any way possible to get a grasp of your design aesthetic and learn to communicate with your cabinet designer and cabinetmaker.

Let us assume that you know all the cabinet basics from their options to their purposes and much more. However, it does not work that way, before choosing your cabinet designer you should at least have a hint of what we are talking about, then again you wouldn’t be reading this article if you had no idea.

Cabinet 101: For a stock ready-to-install cupboard, you won’t need a cabinet designer, therefore, saving your time and money. Nonetheless, appertaining to much greater projects such as custom and semi-custom installation requires careful thought and consideration.

Here are tips so as to having a successful working and designing experience with your cabinet designer and cabinetmaker:

  • Finding inspiration
    What do you want? We are dealing with what you have in mind and could be morphed into a design later on. Consequently, you needn’t have all the answers at that moment, although you should at least visualize the gist of your final design out-come.
    Moreover, you can try finding inspirations among the avalanche of ideas available on Premium Cabinet, Tulsa, or you can get various examples from magazines, television shows and much more.
  • Defining the details
    You have finally selected your dream cabinet, the first inquiry to answer is, why this one? Obviously, you must have numerous reasons on why you picked that particular inspirational design, but the most important one should be that it was calling out to you (not literally) in a way that made you select it.
    It is important always to scrutinize the details and try to figure out why they used it in that kitchen décor.
  • Picking your cabinet designer
    Expertise is the key to finding the best cabinet designer and cabinetmaker, before selecting the right one look at their portfolio, work experience, and final product. Further, while interviewing a potential designer get to know their working method and how they cope with a stressful situation, through their past work inquire on what inspired them and if they will be willing to listen to you as the client.
  • Listening
    The customer is always right, but is still important to listen what your cabinet designer has on the table; they didn’t go to design school for recreational activities. Back to listening, some of your great ideas may have some imperfections, thus always important to listen as you chip in every once in a while. Ask for your designer’s opinion concerning your intended vision and design, who knows! Maybe they might add a unique concept to it.
  • Review your design
    Subsequently, this is where your cabinet designer transforms your 2-D design idea into a 3-D one, with attached floor plan detail, elevation, and rendering to help you in conceptualizing. The cabinet should go hand in hand with intended space, if possible use a tape measure to be mentally prepared for how each space is going to turn out, do not put all your bets on the designer they too might be wrong, it is all about working together to achieve a certain task.

    If you have any concern whatsoever, feel free to air them out, you designer might either listen to it or not, find out why. An excellent planner will always listen to your thoughts and provide insight in case the client is worried about the overall look.

All in all, you might be on a budget and your intended design has gone way overboard, you might be required to compromise a bit here and there. At Premium Cabinets of Tulsa we have specialized contractors who can help you choose the best cabinet design, we are also open to opinion, so feel free to contact us anytime.

Austin G
Premium Cabinet Tulsa