Things Home Buyers Really Want in a Kitchen Cabinetry

If you are reading this article then you must be either planning on selling your house or looking for a beautiful home with awesome kitchen cabinetry. Hence, you need to know the most appealing way to prepare or install your cabinetry to attract more and more home buyers. Consequently, the first thing that a buyer looks for in a house is an attractive kitchen design.

It will really be worth it spending your money fixing the kitchen so as to sell your house faster, if you look at the kitchen cabinets, there are four considerations that should be met and they include:

  • Symmetry
  • Color
  • Layout
  • Quality


This is the balance between design elements, it achieves repetition or simplicity, when you are planning to sell your home the key is keeping it simple and alluring. Do not overdo the elegance because what is most likely going to make your house sell is simplicity so as to attract a majority of buyers.

  • The size of the cabinets should be similar all the way, for drawer try to make them large and if you have multiple sets make them proportion to the doors.
  • Do not add more cabinets, especially in varying sizes it will only overwhelm the kitchen.


Some buyers might want an open, bright and airy space, while other would prefer a closed space. For display try using white color, it not only makes your kitchen larger, but also it makes your buyer conceptualize on the final outcome.

  • Play on the safe side and choose white cabinets, if you want to add contrast choose a darker color on your backsplash or bench tops.
  • Also, play around with texture.
  • Avoid dark-colored cabinetry as it will only make your kitchen feel claustrophobic.


Most places prefer an open space as it is likely to attract more buyers; do not forget about multifunctional spaces.

  • Have an open plan kitchen layout
  • Have a kitchen layout
  • Avoid small kitchen as buyers want a place that allows them to move around.


Top quality is all that matters in a kitchen cabinetry, the number of cabinets does not matter. Keep abreast that quality matters over quantity.

  • Select good quality hinges and runners
  • Avoid large fillers and ill-fitted modular.

To save your expenses and overall costs keep the cabinet installations to the minimum, keep it open with light penetrating through naturally.

Note: If you are selling your home you don’t need internal organizers if you only want to sell it, accessorizing may not be bad, but be aware that all the money spent will not come back to you after your property has been sold.

In conclusion, follow the above considerations to have a successful sell, if you have white cabinets you need to get them cleaned as soon as possible what matter most to people is the penetration of natural light into the house. Remember to always contact your nearest Premium Cabinets location for more useful advice.

Austin G
Premium Cabinets of Tulsa