Pros and Cons of Double Stacked Cabinets

The one question that gets asked most of the time is, does it make sense doubling up your cabinets. Thus, the main purpose of this article is to help you find out about this debatable topic. Let’s start with the basics, double stacked cabinets obviously increase the storage space, present dazzling displays as soon as you open the door and it is perfectly finished. However, the thing is, it does not rhyme with all kitchen styles, hard to access and only add up to your total budget.

That is why we are here, to give you a few rundowns on their pro and con so as to have a better perspective before indulging yourself in any decisions:

PROS: They offer a great storage space

To begin with, double stacked cabinets are not available in every home, and by rule of the thumb they are several inches of space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling. Nonetheless, if you really want additional space for appliances that are not used mostly, then this is definitely for you. Although, it is not really a must you install one of these, especially if you have no idea of what will be placed inside them.

CONS: Hard to access

No doubt, they are so far away, as mention, double stacked cabinets are no one trick pony, you have always wanted an extra space and you got it, but how exactly are you going to access your items. Most preferable maybe a step stool, a ladder or alternatively stand on your counter. What of your safety? Consequently, it may become an inconvenience and insufficient, and also get yourself all the way up with the concern of tumbling down on your back.

PROS: They create decorative display space

Likewise, this will work especially if you have glass front double stacked cabinets, instead of installing open shelving and counter space, which are more prone to attracting dirt. You can show of you silver platter-ware or other more interesting accent in the kitchen area.

CONS: They are expensive

One plus one equals two, the same applies to double stacked cabinet. Further, if you really want one with glass front, expect to cough out lots of money. Cabinets are usually about $5,000 for either a small or medium sized one and if you don’t really need them, what is the point?

PROS: They improve the lighting

Most particularly glass fronts, they create that natural lighting that can work with any décor or dishware equipment that you owe, it also complements the kitchen lighting resulting to a much brighter and interesting cooking space.

CONS: They need more maintenance and upkeep

Used to store equipment that you might not need, nevertheless it can end up being neglected leading to dirt and grease accumulation. Glass front doors are the ones that really need more maintenance, you will have to clean the glass and keep the inner part more organized for a presentable display.

PROS: Gives your kitchen that finished look

Single cabinets cost less, but having a big gap between the uppers and ceiling makes it look unfinished. Henceforth, installing double stacked cabinets is the only solution, plus it is cohesive resulting to an interesting design.

CONS: Make your kitchen feel squeezed

Especially if it is a small kitchen, that is why we mentioned that it doesn’t work well in most kitchen, be careful the feeling might be so uninviting and distasteful.

All in all, if you need more advice on double stacked cabinets and installation, contact us at Premium Cabinets Tulsa.

Austin G
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