Ways to Save Your Cash on Kitchen Cabinets

Chiefly, what determines whether a cupboard is expensive or not is mainly the type of material used, but you do not need to fret over the amount of dough left on either replacing or refacing your cabinet, yet there is some money saving tips to help you achieve a stylish home:

Additionally, some might prefer choosing prefabricated to custom-made cabinets as a mean of saving cash, on the other hand also picking the cheapest but effective wood species could also redeem you from all the trouble of using money excessively. Furthermore, below are some other cash-effective ways on buying cabinets:

  • Compare door styles
    At Premium Cabinets, Tulsa, we offer a variety of door styles for our clients ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. A piece of advice, if you are trying to use your cash sparingly it is best you pick about two or three options and compare the prices. Moreover, raised panels and inset door styles are expensive, whereas Shaker-style doors are less costly.
  • Replace wall cabinets with open shelving
    You do not have to dig in deeper into your pocket for wall cabinets, yet you can substitute it with open shelves. Not only are they high maintenance, but they also save space and cash, which by the books is a good thing.
  • Choose an affordable wood species
    As mentioned, some wood species are expensive, while others are not. Subsequently, the right kind could save you a lot, for instance, the Oakwood is affordable at the same time Hickory wood (an upgrade from Oak) is about $1,000. Moreover, the cabinet manufacturer also determines how costly a timber species might be; therefore it is crucial to do your research on the most affordable species?
  • Use Thermo foil or laminate
    You can always opt for Thermo foil or laminate to an all-plywood construction which is more expensive. In definition, Thermofoil is a fiber board or wood core that has a plastic finish added to it. Likewise, it is durable as well as easy to clean; nonetheless, a laminate material might be cheap, but it is not as strong as wood and more prone to moisture attacks. Before buying a Thermo foil or laminate you need to consider the layering of heat shields near you range, also, an all-plywood sink base or a sink mat to protect it from moisture.
  • Compromise soft-close drawers and full-extension slides
    It might be hard for you to compromise, but looking on the brighter side it saves you from coughing out a lot of cash. You might have some of your concerns like, what if it wears and tears? Under the circumstances, why don’t you try the door pulls instead? Also, they are cheap and help your cabinet to maintain that stylish and sophisticated look.
  • No need for pullouts
    Not to mention, pullouts will just sky-rocket your budget to a whole new level, is it worth it? The first question you should ask yourself, it will always come to whether you want to spend more money or not. Alternatively, if it is a trash bin pullout, you can compromise and place it somewhere else like a pantry or at a corner island.
  • Use fewer drawers and more doors
    The more drawers you use, the higher the amount you are likely to spend, they say that saving money isn’t a lost cause. Why do you try out that maple door style that you have always wanted? Nevertheless, it is important to remember that if you need to budget your overall expenditure use fewer drawers or avoid them at all costs. Finally, saving money isn’t a fool’s errand; in fact, it is the best way to go. For any piece of advice required do not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets, Tulsa, we are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Austin G
Premium Cabinet Tulsa