The Doorlemma: Shaker Style vs. Raised Panel

When deciding to upgrade your kitchen there is no question that an important part is choosing a cabinet that suits your style and taste, after all your end goal is to create a kitchen that you are going to be happy with for years to come. Do not jump into this process expecting to know all the answers right away. Achieving a certain look can be a bit harder than you might expect.

Check out our portfolio for examples of raised panel and shaker door styles and kitchen designs.

The two most popular door styles in cabinetry are the raised panel and the shaker – style.

Raised panel door:

white_raisedWith a raised center profile and rectangular framing surrounding giving the face a three dimensional look this door will give your kitchen a more traditional feel. The raised panel gives an additional dimension to the cabinet door. Not all raised panels are the same. You may find one with simple frame work around the edges while another boasts a stepped frame for an even greater pop. These door styles will give your new kitchen a unique and timeless look that you can enjoy for years to come.

Shaker Style Door:

White Shaker kitchen cabinetsCan’t decide if you are wanting to go for an industrial look? Or maybe you are leaning towards contemporary? Thinking farmhouse? The shaker style cabinet door is recessed in the middle with rectangular framing surrounding, which offers a number of possibilities. True shaker cabinetry can seem quite plain but this cabinet offers a very practical and clean look that will work great with whatever design and look you choose.


This decision can be tough. Cabinets are not like a new shirt that you can just return to the mall the next day. Most of us are ordering cabinets that are being made just for us. This is a big decision. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding on a door style:

  1. -What style am I going for? Traditional? Modern? Rustic?
  2. -Do I want clean lines or ornate details?
  3. -What are the details on the other things in my house? Trim? Doors? Mouldings?
  4. -What added details could make my door selection even better? Glass? Beadboard?

While this process can seem scary it is important not to stress out. Designing your dream kitchen should be fun and exciting. All the details will fall in to place.

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