Get the Lingo on More Types of Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Previously, we had mentioned other types of knobs and pulls suitable for your kitchen, but that did not mean that we were done. There are still some interesting ones left, which you might be drooling with need to know them. Therefore, here they come, hope you enjoy the ride with us, however if you didn’t get the previous article, do not panic, you are still going to get the flow:

Window Sash Pull: First, they are inspired by the window sash fitting of the early 1900’s and designed for lifting heavy windows. It works with traditional, Art and Craft, colonial, country and vintage decor.

So medieval they take us to the old-fashioned era with smooth, simple and softly rounded handles. Consequently, the reason why it goes with the Art and Craft decor is because the industrial-feeling can blend with the colonial one with a wide variety of finishes.

You can mix up the knob to be a little eccentric, but do not mix the knobs and hinges on the same door as it will be overwhelming.

Novelty knobs: Have an added personality to it with a certain theme, not to mention they are artsy and bring playful drama to a dull room.

Can be used on a cabinet that stand alone, you can splurge your with either one or two of these expensive knobs, they make a kitchen interesting, nonetheless, they are hard to grip and pull, they might also appear overwhelming and overdone if used a lot in one space.

Back plates: They are knobs with a back piece that lies on the door; do you want an added Mediterranean design to your kitchen decor? This is the style for you, subsequently; you should expect to cough up a bit more cash for these beauties.

The back plate offers protection from scratches with a comfortable feel to the knob, this style can also work with the Tuscan, Victorian, Asian, traditional, eclectic, vintage, Gothic and Edwardian decor.

Drop Handles: It is a two-piece handle with a dangling pull lying against the door; this drop handle style is crafted to perfection. The reason why you should choose this handle is because they are harder for curious toddlers to try and open them.

They add that special oomph to your decor that add a style statement, if you are trying to pimp up your plain-looking furniture then this is for you, and it can work out in any style.

Glass knobs: Likewise, inexpensive yet flashy. They used to be octagonal in shape with fluted glass knobs, but these days they are square in shape and in an color that match the backsplash.

Always keep in mind that the glass knob should be placed slightly above center or on the lower cabinets.

Pros: Sparkling, less expensive, quick to install.

Cons: Difficult to clean

Recessed pull: They have built into door facing with slim indentation and suitable for a gallery kitchen with a lot of traffic to prevent accidents. They are the most suitable option if you are replacing your doors entirely, they styles works with a minimalist, modern and contemporary decor.

Overall, if you need any guide in choosing the perfect door knobs and pulls, you can always contact your nearest Premium Cabinets location.