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Cabinet pricing can vary greatly from company to company. Pricing depends on many things including materials, the finish, the retailers expenses, the labor involved in the building process and more. The biggest of these expenses is usually the labor. This is especially true of custom cabinets.

Pricing varies from job to job. Each individual cabinet is priced differently. For example, a pantry will cost more than a drawer base, which will cost more than a normal base, which will cost more than a wall cabinet to fill the same 30 inch space. Each of those cabinets will then vary in price slightly depending on the style you choose.

A BALL PARK estimate is about $70-80 a linear foot for our value line and about $100-$130 a linear foot for our premium lines. That is not how we price them. Each kitchen is individually designed and priced. But, it will give you a rough estimate. That number assumes a normal number or base cabinets, 30″ uppers and no special cabinets. That does not include installation.

Kitchens vary from $1000 to well over $25,000. 85% of the kitchens we sell are under $10,000 with most being between $3500 and $8000. Our national average kitchen is between 14 and 15 cabinets and runs about $4500.

For example, a sample 8 foot kitchen (8 feet of uppers/wall cabinets and 8 feet of lower/base cabinets costs $1640 in one of our most common styles. If you have 16 feet, it would be double. Though, a better example would be a 24 foot kitchen. Typically, it would have 24 feet of uppers and only 16 feet of lowers since no lowers cabinets are needed where you have your stove, dishwasher and fridge. This example would have 40 linear feet and would cost approximately $4000-4500 in one of our premium lines.

Most changes have a minimal impact. For example, going from 30″ uppers to 36″ uppers would increase the price by about $20 to 25 per cabinet (generally about 3 uppers for an 8 foot kitchen). Adding a drawer base would add about $50 to $100 to the price based on the size. Adding a pantry or oven cabinet has the biggest impact.

Installation cost vary from contractor to contractor. While the big box stores tend to charge $80 to $90 a cabinet. $50 a cabinet is a more standard price. We do not install. But, we can refer you to a good installer who has reasonable rates. Most are less than the standard $50.

You can find cabinets that will be a little cheaper, but they will not be near the quality. You can also find cabinets that will be a little better, but they will cost significantly more. Our focus is on offering the best value in cabinetry today.