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We all know that trying to select the perfect color and stain for your cabinet is an arduous task; for instance, using a color wheel has more ways to get that look that you have always wanted especially the ones you want added to your kitchen cabinets. Further, some would prefer using one shade while others like to play around with different hues.

Likewise, color is important because it gives your kitchen that designer touch that you have always wanted, to learn how to blend different colors into your cabinets see below:

Use your island as an accent piece
It helps you add more color in your design, it can either be one or two, and it does not matter which style your kitchen is, but it work well with both modern and contemporary design. You do not have to add unnecessary detail, to make it traditional you can add one more color to match with the wall paint and décor. You have an endless choice all the way to heaven and back, especially with either white or off-white accents. However, if you do not like white, you can try woodsy tones on the island.

Using three contemporary colors
As mentioned, use the color wheel so as to guide you, instead of two hues try three we see how it goes. They give your kitchen look an alluring appeal, but it also distributes the colors evenly in your space.
White should be your first choice since it goes with almost all neutrals and primary colors, for instance black cabinets used together with orange cabinets.

Bring attention to a single cabinet piece
You do not have to focus all your attention to the Kitchen Island, accentuating a single cabinet piece involves adding a splash of color to it. You can focus on the wooden hoods, glass-front cabinets, sinks and much more. It is an odd but interesting way of designing pieces that are less fussy.

For upper and lower cabinets use different colors
Using different colors for both upper and lower cabinets break the monotony of the design; to match you can use a dark color for the base cabinets then either use white or grey shades for the upper cabinets. If you are the daring type you can use bold colors like red, blue and much more, but it must match with your décor.

Stain or glaze one of your cabinet colors
It can be an antique or a charcoal glaze soften you cabinet’s hue, it is visually perfect especially if it has a rustic finish added to it.

Play around with texture
Some people think that you cannot mix textures and color together, it may be hard to pull off, but if you have an eye with color it is appealing to the eyes.

Think outside the box
Breaking the rules! Use your creativity and do a unique color combination. You can distribute colors in unexpected places making your house look like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

All in all, feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinets of  Houston.


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It does not matter whether you are a pro or an amateur, taking your own kitchen cabinet measurement seems appropriate and beneficial. It saves both your’s and the designer’s time and besides it is not a hard venture to undertake all by yourself. Most renovation companies usually advise their client to take their own cabinets measurements.
Basically, all you need is a pen, paper and tape measure, plus knowing the center points of where you would like your cabinets to be placed. However, you do not need to worry, just follow the steps mentioned below:


Sketch it out
First and foremost, you do not need to be an expert, hence it does not have to be a ‘wow’ factor, and it is just a simple sketch of what you want. Also, you should determine where you want your cabinets to be, but before that you need a blueprint illustrating the vision of your kitchen, for instance the placements of your appliances, windows, and doorways.
While measuring, correspond your numbers accordingly and in a clear and concise way, so as to comprehend it easily when you look at it later on or explaining it to your cabinet designer.



Measure your wall length
No doubt, this is a crucial step, it requires for you to be familiar with the space you are about to work. Take a step back and look at it, start with your kitchen walls and measure your island length-wise then round it up to the nearest 1/16 an inch.
Depending on what you want to change, it can either be an entire wall or just a portion where you want to place your cabinets. Keep in mind that if you only want to replace your cabinets a whole wall entire length is not required, just the current cabinet measurements.
Nonetheless, the same does not apply when you are adding cabinets or changing your kitchen layout, this will help you know where to place your appliances or if you can widen your cabinetry in future.


The center point of your sink, stove and window
These are mostly the areas that do not need to be touched, unless you want to configure your kitchen’s layout. It might sound odd, but knowing these center points is going to determine the correct position of the cabinets around them.
Likewise, start with your sink, to find the midpoint, measure the whole thing all together and stop when you reach the center. As mentioned, remember to always round it up to the nearest 1/16 of an inch.
Your stove, do it as you did to the sink, and just a bit of information, it can be quite expensive to move your electrical or gas cooking line, but if you want to, why not! Keep abreast of your island and its location, while measuring you begin at one end going on to the next.
Last but not least, your windows requires the length and width measurement, it makes sure that your cabinets are placed properly, always include the trims.


Measure your ceiling’s height
This will give you an idea of the cabinet’s height and placements:

  • Lower cabinets- 34½ inches
  • Countertops thickness: 1½ inches
  • Backlash height: 18 inches
To get the upper cabinet appropriate height, subtract the above measurements from the ceiling’s height, the remaining space is what you need.
Ultimately, if your ceiling is more than 9ft tall you can always consider double-stacking as an option, but otherwise for extra advice just contact us at Premium Cabinets of Austin

Call John Henke at: (512) 812-0056 or email him directly:


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The kitchen is one of the hardest places to clean, especially if you have a lot of cabinets. This article is about cleanliness, the cooking area being more prone to dirt, stain, grease and much, how can we sort it out? Lucky you, there are practical ways that will remove the worry wrinkles from your face, and that includes doing with less decorative details, selecting the right color and more that will be mentioned, to help you have maintainable cabinets.

Choose a door or drawer style with less details`

The more detail the more dirt and grease accumulation on its surface, it is better you choose the shaker and slab door style to raised panel door style, not unless you have all the time in the world to scrub any recess dirt.
Comparatively, you can choose a stain or paint that has glaze for a more traditional look; this glaze that we are talking will hide the dirt accumulation from your cabinets.

Preferably choosing flush cabinet ends

The two options for finishing cabinet edges are through flush ends and matching ends, the former is considered better.
Flush ends are made of plywood that matches with the color of your cabinets; they are smooth and sleek, thus easy to clean.

Get rid of the trimmings

All those design details like crowns, molding, corbel, decorative legs and light rail molding that we all love, are more prone to dirt, especially the ornate styles. To replicate them you can opt for a colorful cabinet paint, perfect lighting and much more.

Staining instead of painting

They all show fingerprints on the surface, but a stain is easier to maintain than a painted surface, the reason why it is hard to paint a touch up is:

  • Sometimes it might be hard to find a hue that closely matches a specific paint.
  • Hard to touch up paint, in that it does not work the same way as a stain would.
  • Grain with a dark stain

Either choose an oak or a hickory, they are both dark and easy to maintain. It is hard to show scratches, prints on the surface as compared to maple wood species. If it has been touched up, you will not even notice.

Invest in hardware

You do not want to be touching the cabinets all the time, why don’t you invest in door pulls and knobs for your all your cabinets, this will help in preserving them.

Avoid glass door fronts

It may make your kitchen look beautiful and inviting, but it is hard to maintain since it is more susceptible to dirt, smudges and dust, do not forget to clean the items stored in it too. You can opt for a golden brown cabinet stain as an alternative to glass fronts.

Minimize open shelving

If neglected they store a lot of dirt, thus must be dust and scrubbed all the time to prevent permanent dirt accumulation. Other ways to ease your task is to place décor on surfaces such as countertops and dining tables, and using other alternatives such as good lighting, pillows, chairs and much more, to make your kitchen more appealing.


Feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Tulsa, we are always readily available.


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Generally, a craftsman-style kitchen mainly focuses on the aesthetics of function and natural items. Craftsman style was first employed in the early 20th century; it became a big reaction to the mass-produced fussiness of the Victorian era and these days most individuals try to incorporate it in a simple, but spectacular way. In the heartbeat of a Craftsman home its signature warmth is more evident than in the kitchen.
Nonetheless, it is less likely to separate form from function in a kitchen space, craftsman kitchen are not utilitarian and to create the perfect look you need to read this article.

Rich woods: Wood usually emphasizes the Craftsman style due to the focus on its natural beauty. For example, you can leave the kitchen cabinet unpainted and coated together with a deep stain for that warming and lustrous effect. Oak particularly works well with a Craftsman design, however, if you decide to go with other woods, stick with indigenous species such as maple or pine.

Clean-lined cabinetry: Craftsman style has nothing to do with fuss and frills; nevertheless, it goes in favor of pure function and cabinets. Additionally, flat-panel or frameless doors with simple glass panels goes hand in hand with the aesthetic value. Keep in mind that Craftsman cabinets lack details and ornamentation.

Simple lighting: When it comes to Craftsman-style lighting it is all about function with strong geometric lines that add a visual flair. Most individuals opt for Mica as the classic material for pendants, chandeliers and sconces. Using Tiffany lamps also works well in the space.

Built-in seating: Built-in banquette is useful in the sense that it eradicates the need for a separate table and chairs. Craftsman kitchens basically feature this type of setup in a breakfast room or nook.

Earthy colors: Craftsman palette usually gets its inspiration straight from nature; for example, mossy greens, woodsy browns, deep golds and rusty oranges from using paint tiles and accents.

Hand-crafted tiles: Generally, using tiles is like a central option to Craftsman style; as a matter of fact, it is a major decorative element in a variety of space. You can use hand-molded, painting and richly detailed crafts leads to a colorful appeal to backsplashes, countertops, cabinets and islands.

Natural stone: Similar to wood, stone is a natural beauty and it provides an ideal option when it comes to the use of a Craftsman design. You can pick slates for flooring and backsplashes honed together with granite and soapstone, which looks right for countertops.

Hardware and fixtures with patina: Craftsman design are not always shiny and glitzy, keep in mind that faucets, fixtures and hardware must have warm and deep finishes. Also, think about oil-rubbed bronze and tawny antiqued brass or copper; keep in mind to always choose models with strong architectural lines.

Overall, you can spice up your kitchen with these hardware styles. At Premium Cabinets in Orange County, they have a variety of shaker styles and designs, feel free to contact them anytime.

Call Bryce at:(949) 354-4767 or email him directly:

A Day at Premium Cabinets: Highlights from Tony

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“The kitchen is the heartbeat of the house.”

Because quality over quantity always takes the cake, right? Premium Cabinets is a national cabinet retailer that brings a customizable experience to all customers by engaging and educating them on the best value for their home or office space.

There are four factors credited to the success of our company:

  • Working directly with the factory. No middle man.
  • A clear-cut showroom, in a comfortable setting.
  • Select styles/colors help keep inventory costs down, which means more savings for the customer!
  • Common-size manufacturing means less labor during the building process

Premium Cabinets stands for more than providing its customers/clients with what they want. Our business stands out because we provide our customers with prices that are three times less than other manufacturers. The evolution of cabinets is credited to mass-production.
While customer satisfaction is guaranteed, our success also comes from customers leaving our showroom with a clear 3D picture of their new kitchen, often turning them into repeat customers.

“Premium Cabinets is the ideal place to get cabinets in Chicago. The distributor works closely to provide specific sizes and combinations for an unmistakable, built-in, customizable look. The quality of the cabinets has been withstanding and really upgrades a space. The pricing is reasonable enough where you can even get creative with installing cabinets in unlikely places.” – Angela S.

Ideal scenario:
Customer chooses design, we give them a price, and provide a final measurement, free of charge.

Q: What are the benefits of Premium Cabinets doing the actual installation?

Tony Sirkin: We consider ourselves an “Elite Cabinet Network,” continuously educating ourselves on both products and situations. It’s an all-around better experience for all parties involved. We get it done right, the customer is happy

To schedule an in-store consultation at our River North showroom, give us a call at: 773-495-9960

Tony Sirkin
Premium Cabinets Chicago
(773) 495-9960