Cabinet Styles

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Did you know that we offer three unique cabinet styles and colors? From classic white, to neutral combinations, to different shades of brown, selecting your cabinet style and color palette sets the tone of each room you are decorating.

If you like the combination of a classic wood finish and something a little more updated and modern, the White Mushroom style may be for you. The appearance is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, creating the illusion of a clean and untouched surface.

White Shaker is one of the more popular cabinet styles, simply because it provides a more refined appearance in the kitchen. If you choose to install this style in your bathroom, and depending on the measurements, you may find more storage space for personal items, creating less clutter. White Shaker cabinets also appear more 3-dimensional, and an optical illusion for kitchen entertainment.

Are you more into minimalism and rich finishes? The Shaker Espresso style is perfect for anyone who enjoys a darker ambiance in their home, or for the one who likes to keep things practical, straightforward, and edgy.

Not sure which cabinet style will best suit your space? Give us a call at 773-495-9950 to set up an in-store consultation at our River North showroom!


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We all know that shaker kitchen cabinets always look beautiful in any type of décor; however, from a minimalist and Mediterranean view it usually depends on what you match them with. Hardware is similar to accessories and without it the space would feel void. Thus, it is essential to add attractive elements, such as lighting tiles, to add that classy and elegant looking according to the owner’s preference. Below are a few rundowns for a shaker design kitchen cabinet:

Steel knobs, Traditional, and Bin Pulls
Achieves a simplistic nature that you have always wanted, further, unadorned cabinet hardware makes the clean and simple lines from the shaker cabinet stand out.
The Shaker door is a versatile style and it can rhyme in both the vintage or modern décor. It is important to know that a shaker cabinet can be finished with a bin pull and knobs, to give it that timeless impact.

Schaub & Company Northport Knob
Why this one? It adds that retro flair to your overall kitchen look, typically, you will put knobs and bin pulls on drawers.
The Northport Knobs are usually applied on cabinets with:

  • Exposed hinges
  • Stainless steel
  • White marble countertops
  • Honed black countertop
  • Industrial-style lighting

For a vintage look, the face screws become functional and may be faux, with the bin pull attached on the back.

Vintage Glass or Ceramic Knobs
Also known as the Depression Era glass, it is classic and has a stained finish which contrasts well with a white glass knob. Placing knobs instead of pulls on the cabinet doors helps give it the vintage feel as well. The knobs can either be done with a face screw or without, and it exists in a variety of colors.

Hexagonal Glass Knobs and Nickel-plated Bolt
This style goes back to the Victorian or colonial era and they are styled well with:

  • Glass-front hutch cabinets
  • Stained wood cabinets
  • Butler’s pantry
  • Scullery-style cabinets

Vintage pulls with open screws
Similar to vintage double – hung window hardware, it gives your kitchen that industrial or vintage touch, you can decide to use a nickel finish that is oil- rubbed and has bronze or antique brass to give it authenticity too. They do well in:

  • Subway tiles
  • Stainless steel counter tops
  • Commercial-style appliance
  • Farm sinks
  • Industrial-style lighting

Tubular Bar pulls
It can be long and dramatic depending on your reference; they are mostly used on slabs or panel doors. If is a nickel or stainless steel finish, it transforms your traditional shaker cabinets to a modern looking one.
Also referred to as a barrel pull, they exist in a variety of sizes and finishes and they work well with:

  • Long and skinny mosaic tiles
  • Oversize and rectangular tiles
  • Ebony cabinets
  • Espresso stained cabinet tiles
  • Modern pendant lighting

Flat Bar Pulls
Suitable when you want a contemporary edgy look, these decorative beauties adds length to your overall décor. Suitable for:

  • White or dark Shaker cabinets
  • Square-edged stone or concrete countertops
  • Glass backsplashes
  • Oversized rectangular tile

Overall, you can spice up your kitchen with these hardware styles. At Premium Cabinets of Kalispell, they have a variety of shaker styles and designs, feel free to contact them anytime.


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Refacing is when you decide to update an interior space instead of necessarily starting from scratch and replacing it. Some people opt for a DIY project, while others would prefer working hand in hand with a professional to help them through the entire project.

Refacing the kitchen cabinets
First: Check and examine the overall outlook of your cabinet, and determine whether the post-restoration process will make it last for over 10 years. If the damage is excessive then you better consider replacing your whole kitchen cabinet.
Each cabinet has its own refacing style, but it is still always important to consider using color while updating, for a dull tone you can always add a pop of color of maybe fire red or orange. Adding details such as bead board panels, elaborate lines and much more is going to give your cabinet a new feel.

How to determine if refacing your cabinet is the right project for you
You can simply refurbish the cabinets by painting or re-staining so as to give it that eccentric and dramatic effect.
Refacing involves:

  • Replacing old doors with new ones using a different wood.
  • Replacing the hardware, for example, pulls and knobs.
  • Either replacing or repairing damaged wood material.

Selecting the theme
The black and white theme is classical; you can opt for a black countertop with white chairs or cabinets. However, if you want to break the monotony you can always add a pop of color that is cohesive with your whole design theme.

If you want to repair a scratched cabinet surface, use stain and varnish to add a new coat. But, this is not something that you should do by yourself, unless you are a re-stain pro. DIY projects such as repainting and replacing door knobs and pulls are simple and less time consuming, but if it entails replacing the doors or drawers then a handyman is best suited for the project.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you might need to consult an interior designer, architecture, or a kitchen designer to help you come up with a design plan.

Usually, under normal circumstances a refacing job ranges from $5000 to $ 15000.
Before refacing, inquire on whether you need a permit, especially if it is affecting your plumbing and electrical system. It is advisable to always seek professional help from a refacing expert, if you are undertaking a DIY project.

All in all, in case of more cabinet tips and ideas do not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Kalispell.


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If you are reading this article then you must be either planning on selling your house or looking for a beautiful home with awesome kitchen cabinetry. You need to know the most appealing way to prepare or install your cabinetry to attract more and more home buyers. The first thing that a buyer looks for in a house is an attractive kitchen design.
It will really be worth the money to fix the kitchen to sell your house faster, if you look at the kitchen cabinets, there are four considerations that should be met and they include:
  • Symmetry
  • Color
  • Layout
  • Quality
This is the balance between design elements, it achieves repetition or simplicity, when you are planning to sell your home the key is keeping it simple and alluring. Do not overdo the elegance because what is most likely going to make your house sell is simplicity so as to attract a majority of buyers.
  • The size of the cabinets should be similar all the way, for drawers try to make them large, and if you have multiple sets make them proportional to the doors.
  • Do not add more cabinets, especially in varying sizes it will only overwhelm the kitchen.

Some buyers might want an open, bright and airy space, while other would prefer a closed space. For display try using white color, it not only makes your kitchen larger, but also it makes your buyer conceptualize on the final outcome.

  • Play on the safe side and choose white cabinets, if you want to add contrast choose a darker color on your backsplash or bench tops.
  • Also, play around with texture.
  • Avoid dark-colored cabinetry as it will only make your kitchen feel claustrophobic.

Most places prefer an open space as it is likely to attract more buyers; do not forget about multifunctional spaces.

  • Have an open plan kitchen layout
  • Avoid small kitchens, as buyers want a place that allows them to move around.

Top quality is all that matters in a kitchen cabinetry, the number of cabinets does not matter. Keep abreast that quality matters over quantity.

  • Select good quality hinges and runners
  • Avoid large fillers and ill-fitted modular.

To save your expenses and overall costs keep the cabinet installations to the minimum, keep it open with light penetrating through naturally.
Note: If you are selling your home you don’t need internal organizers if you only want to sell it, accessorizing may not be bad, but be aware that all the money spent will not come back to you after your property has been sold.
In conclusion, follow the above considerations to have a successful sell, if you have white cabinets you need to get them cleaned as soon as possible. What matters most to people is the penetration of natural light into the house.

Remember to always contact us at Premium Cabinets of Orange County for more useful advice.


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In recent years the inkling of mixing cabinetry finishes in a kitchen design has gained a lot of cost popularity. Further, leaving a kitchen purposefully unmatched can make it feel more grounded and organic. Also, they are cost effective and if you love a specialty finish and your budget doesn’t allow it, you can always use it as an accent to capture the feel without digging deeper into your pocket.
Mixing interior finishes require little planning, when exceptionally done, even with inexpensive cabinetry it gives it that full custom look. Below are some useful ways of mixing finishes in a variety of styles:

Using an inset cabinet construction: It sets a traditional tone and more pronounced by using a painted finish on stained wood on the island on a particular space. Additionally, opting for a painted finish reflects the paint color on the adjoining room.
For example, in an Asian-style kitchen, this could be minimized by using dark stained wood. Also, using minimalist kitchen require more planning so as to pull off well.Using dark finishes on the lower cabinets: Using a light finish on the wall with added tall cabinets helps to keep things light and airy. The combination is dynamic and reserved at the same time arduous to achieve. However, a painted finish that would be too much for a whole kitchen to carry could work on a kitchen island.

Combining colors: Sometimes combining colors in a space is refreshing and unique. For example, using white softens the impact of the bright pink and stops it from being overwhelming. Notice what your eye does in response to where the colors break. Mixing finishes is not new, at the same time it is not the sole province of the higher end of the market.
The welcoming appearance of a kitchen usually determines how the viewer is going to see it; generally, the kitchen is where one can sit down for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

Using mosaic tiles: It adds a big emphasis to either the wall or floor of the kitchen; nevertheless, by trying to use the color similar to the tiles onto the cabinetry makes the kitchen appear clean and modern. View from the windows also adds a strong emphasis to the kitchen, you can add a green painted finish on the cabinetry and the woody tones keeps the attention exactly where it is supposed to be.

Sometimes a different finish can give a particular space a hutch, which entails using separate pieces of furniture. You can make the kitchen have two major focal points; for instance, the mantle hood and glass door wall cabinets, using dark wood finish on two island makes the kitchen have order. An island recess allows the viewer’s eyes to move through the room without having all its focus on one thing.

Using a loud color could somehow overwhelm the room; however, it could also work as an accent wall creating more emphasis in a certain space.

For more cabinet ideas and tip do not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Oceanside.