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First and foremost, apart from cabinets what do you think of plate racks? Your mind might be going to some country design, but you can always opt for a more modern design. They should be used so as to have easy access to everyday dishes.
However, they are not meant for special dishes as they will just get dusty, instead of pulling out stacked utensils from the wall cabinet, you can easily store them vertically within distinctive slots allowing you to grab them at the same time putting them away without chipping. Below are ways to make them work in your kitchen:Unfitted and over the sink: Generally, this is a typical location for a plate rack; it is more open than a cabinet with solid doors, but also the perfect spot for emptying plates away from the dishwasher. It may give the illusion of being unfitted or floating in the center of the wall and it looks inherited or found rather than designed together with the cabinets.

Unfitted on its own: If you have a small and quirky space and don’t really have the option of using a symmetrical wall cabinets design on both sides of your space, an unfitted dish rack cabinet is the way to go so as to get the storage problem sorted out without having to force the balance issue. This solution allows you to kill two birds with one stone, and at the same time baking a cake and having to eat it too.

Integrated with other wall cabinets: If you are thinking about incorporating a plate rack into other regular wall cabinets, think about making them glass so that the whole wall has a sense of openness and depth. Don’t be shy about showing off your dishes, glassware and other kitchen stuff, it doesn’t have to match.
Keep in mind that incorporating an open shelf together with a dish rack is a suitable way to soften the kitchen and prevent it from looking utilitarian. Also, most modern kitchens are able to incorporate a dish rack cabinet by flanking it between aluminum and glass cabinets.

Using an accent colors

Generally, this may be achieved by using a plate-rack cabinet because it makes the space feel more unfitted and collected.
If flanked by two windows the plate rack creates a visual center; hence, a sense of balance even if the base cabinets aren’t symmetrical. Keep in mind that the contrasting color may be placed asymmetrical in the kitchen, but in the real sense it is symmetrical on its own.

Focus on the counter: Plate rack integrated into open shelves can work as an Uber-functional storage wall where your cabinets can sit on the countertop. It is a mixed use storage wall that uses a small section of the countertop for prepping or tasking. The amount of door sizes ranging from open to closed storage create a much more visual interest that cabinet doors which are all the same size.
You do not need to limit yourself on using a plate rack alone; however, you can get more out of the cabinets by installing an appliance storage system below the open shelves.
For more information and cabinet tips, do not hesitate to contact Premium Cabinets of Santa Ana.

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First and foremost, most homeowners main aim is to have their customized dream kitchen style and that includes taking it up a notch with decorative features so as to give that old-looking cabinet that high end-feeling. A spectacular cabinet goes a long way, and it also adds character and life to your kitchen. Below are some details that can be incorporated in your cabinet to give it that sophisticated look.

Legs: An added decorative leg mainly found at the corner of a centre island.. It may be what you have always wanted in your décor.

Decorative support: Originally, the upper cabinet was mainly used for utilitarian purposes, to offer support to cabinets on the wall. Today it is used as a decorative feature to add an artful emphasis on your entire décor.
Decorative supports are available in many different design styles and sizes; hence you should ensure that you choose the right one that accentuate your wall cabinets rather than bring them down, do not pick anything that is taller than 12 inches.

Corbels: Their main aim is to draw attention and create a focal point to certain features in the house, and this is because they are ornate.They are crafted from wood to make them look expensive, albeit, precast foam models are more affordable and can be painted so as to match the cabinets.

Aprons: Approximately about 3 inches standard height, an apron is a small wood that runs around the countertop overhang. The reason for this standard height is to create enough room for legs under the island cabinet/countertop.

Furniture toe kicks: Toe kicks are supposed to be approximately 4½ inches from the cabinet base to where it meets the floor, thus making it comfortable for the feet.
For an aesthetic purpose, the furniture toe-kick can the fitted and adhere to look like a free standing furniture, seen on the edge of a beautiful cabinet.

End panels: To achieve a cohesive look you can try adding similar panels on all cabinet doors, end panels add an aesthetic looks for cabinets that run from one end to another without bounding into a wall. In case you are on a budget, you can try to simplify the detail, it will still look beautiful in your interior.

Valances: Mainly used as a cover-up for unattractive electric wires, exhaust fan, under cabinet lighting and much more, and available at different height levels. Valances come in different shape, sizes, and styles to suit any design, mainly ordered in slightly bigger sizes then adjusted afterwards so as to fit.

Feet: Can either be incorporated cohesively or in a detailed way, it adds an elegant touch to the bottom of your cabinet.
It is important to put thorough consideration on your budget, if it is less than what is expected you can just work on the cooktop cabinet/sink base, to make it look like a free standing and decorative furniture. For more cabinet tips and ideas to not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Oceanside.

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First and foremost, these days it is all about European style, which has come to the U.S. in a sleek and integrated kitchen cabinet designs. Keep in mind that cabinets are a large part in your kitchen budget; however, what you choose in the long run will impact your home’s style and functionality.

If you are thinking of building or remodeling this year, check out the latest and hottest trends, which goes from hidden storage, integrated handles, sliding doors, and high-gloss laminates.

Integrated handles: They are hotter than ever; they come in several formats, which include a continuous on a cabinet bank. However, they are only available in semi-custom and custom lines; they are widely available in individual drawers and door styles.

Sliding Top Kitchen by Minimal USA
Hidden cabinets are in now; they are mainly invisible, which are designed to make the kitchen blend with the space harmoniously.

Frameless cabinets: Europeans mainly prefer this style and IKEA must be thanked for this upcoming trend. Euro style frameless goes together with the mass market affordability, at the same time, American cabinet manufacturers want to take notes concerning the traditional face-frame manufacturers who are offering frameless lines.
They are more accessible cabinets, wider drawers, and benefit the environment with fewer materials used.
Most traditional kitchens are into simplicity, and it is rare to find new kitchen with ornate and over-the-top designs.

Sliding doors: They are a great cabinetry trend. They are often used for camouflaging characteristics, but sometimes they can be used to add accent. Keep in mind that new hardware hinge easier with automated opening and closing, similar to a minivan.

Rev-A-Shelf Wood Trimmable Knife Block Drawer Insert
Most kitchen cabinets have been accessorized with an in-drawer and door section organizers. The organizer makes is easier to store items around the kitchen; thus, making work easier for you. Wood is mostly used on traditional cabinets and metal and plastic for a more contemporary look.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs): For a more sophisticated cabinetry design, LED lighting is a great addition. Not only can it be used for display purposes, but also for making it easier in locating contents in deep drawers.

Tablet mount: An under cabinet tablet mount works out for anyone who might want to watch a cooking video, check your emails or have a personal Skype call.

There are some ways that you might have used to make your kitchen more attractive and beautiful which you might want to share, feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Tulsa.

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Here is a wonder, you can customize your kitchen cabinets with affordable crown, edge, or other kind of molding. As a matter of fact, moldings have the ability to make any project look custom especially when applied to kitchen cabinetry. They have architectural details which can enhance the most basic cabinet style to an attractive one.

The different design configuration include: crowns, molding, edge molding, and much more, which can help you personalize your kitchen project.

Traditional crown molding: Usually, they tend to be the industrial standard type for your kitchen cabinetry. Mainly, it is used to fill an empty void between the cabinets and the ceiling, this space is a major and common problem and this is because the distance changes on ceiling height and cabinetry height.

Stacked crown molding: Most ceilings are too high for the designer to bring the cabinetry all the way up; hence, using stacked crown molding becomes the only decorative option. Further, crown moldings are composed of many pieces of molding meticulously placed on top of each other for a cohesive look. The downside is due to its detailed design accents they tend to be expensive; additionally, they are usually priced according to linear foot, which are available in 8-foot lengths and easy for the cost to spike up.

Stepped crown molding: To pull off the stepped crown molding look, you may need professional help. Keep in mind that the placement of each piece of molding needs to be precisely calculated.

Interior crown molding: Usually, placed on the perimeter of a kitchen’s ceiling, it abruptly draws the eye upward at the same time incorporating the crown molding for continuity.

Edge molding: They are added to almost every part of the cabinet or shelf, as a homeowner you can add moldings to the edge of the shelving also known as edge molding.
Primarily, decorative molding on open shelving adds a new design feature and a structural element. Depending on the shelving span (anything over 36 inches) you can bow from weight if it isn’t supported correctly. To prevent sagging you can apply an edge molding to the outside edge of the shelf.

Light molding: Also referred to as a light rail, molding on the bottom of cabinets helps hide under cabinet lighting. Light moldings are expensive and are often available as a standard cabinetry feature in various multiple styles and lengths.

Shoe molding: They are sometimes known as quarter round and they can be employed to the perimeter connecting the cabinet to the flooring. You can match the shoe molding with your cabinets or flooring. The good thing about shoe molding is that it conceals any installation imperfection by hiding cut edges.

Applied molding: Moldings built-in or mounted on walls is also referred to as applied molding and this is because the molding is mainly applied to the surface. Applied moldings are usually located in the range hood because it is often a focal point and it demands attention to details.

All in all, for more cabinet tips and ideas do not hesitate to contact us at Premium Cabinets of Kalispell.


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Are you trying to figure out what to put on your kitchen cabinet to make it more outstanding? Generally, most people put microwaves, electric can openers, and much more placed under the wall cabinets. These days everything has changed and now you can attach your smartphone and tablet plus other added decorations to hide unnecessary outlets. Below are attractive add-ons that could work well in your cabinet, check it out:

Lighting: This will work for you especially if you are a minimalist. Under cabinet lighting illuminates the area for food prep, particularly during evenings.
The most appropriate lighting to use is the LED strip light, keep in mind to always consult with your electrician for the most suitable lighting application.

Power: Likewise, you should try to make your outlet inconspicuous; it does not make sense spending all your money installing the perfect backsplash tile with unattractive power cords creeping out. An under cabinet power outlet strips is definitely the way to go.

Tablet mount: An under cabinet tablet mount works out for anyone who might want to watch a cooking video, check your emails, or have a personal Skype call.

Knife block: This adds a little oomph to your cabinet, whoever came up with the knife block is a genius! It is slim and convenient; through the touch of a finger you can just swing the knife in and out.

Jar opening: Jar openings are easy to install and it works best with people who have arthritis or if you need assistance with opening tough lids.

Stemware rack: Under the cabinet is exactly what you need for a stemware design, it is functional and store a large number of glasses in a small amount of space.

Bottle holder: Wine bottles work well with the stemware but it should be at a range where the bottles will not feel the kitchen heat

You might have used to make your kitchen more attractive and beautiful which you might want to share, feel free to contact us at Premium Cabinets of St. Louis.